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Barry James Dyke - Best Selling Author

The Pirates of Manhattan III - Mercenaries of Debt

  • Former U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney made his fortune in private equity, a type of finance which is fueled with biblical amounts of debt. One the most predatory types of Wall Street finance—private equity titans—the New Robber Barons freely strip-mine the world economy with debt in search of personal riches. Using taxpayer funds, corrupt tax-loopholes, bank bailouts, The Federal Reserve and Ivy League academia with their billions in tax-free endowments, Mercenaries of Debt is an in-depth expose of an industry which frequently bankrupts companies with excessive debt—while enriching themselves in the process. A tale of greed, hubris and crony capitalism of the billionaire class, Americans need to understand this type of finance which touches every aspect of their lives, and accelerating the decline of the American Empire.

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